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American Rescue Plan

Much of the American Rescue Plan promised by Joe Biden following his Presidential victory in 2020 was delivered on March 11, 2021, when the President signed H.R. 1319, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, into law. The new law provides additional funding to programs and resources hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get 'em while they're hot! Stimulus payments on the way . . . .

The Treasury Department said on Friday that stimulus payments would begin arriving in bank accounts by direct deposit this weekend as the Biden administration tries to get much-needed money to struggling families.

The First Major Deadline of the Tax Season is Looming!

Many people think of the IRS filing deadline as April 15th.  Simple right?  In fact, there are deadlines all year long, something different every month.  IRS Publication 509 has the outlines, if you want a quick search to look something up.

Doing Well By Doing Good for you and your Family!

People who are worried about the 10 year rule, requiring beneficiaries of inherited IRAs to withdraw the entire balance within 10 years, can double that time with a CRT beneficiary in front of inheritors.  What if you really have a big IRA and the 10 year rule just isn’t enough of a stretch to help your beneficiary stay out of the top tax bracket?

The Only Constant is Change (especially taxation)

We talk a lot about people not doing tax planning and not spending more time creating the tax outcomes they want.  We urge people to understand that it’s within their own control and that tax outcomes can be legally and ethically manipulated.  We go on and on about the benefits.  BUT…we understand why it’s so rarely done!

What is IRS Notice 1444?

What is IRS Notice 1444?

IRS notices are sent to inform taxpayers of important information concerning their taxes. Each one is different, and here we explain Notice 1444.

Parent - Child Property Tax Exclusion changes in February 2021

Many of you have reached out with questions about the newly-passed Proposition 19. This article attempts to shed some light, but does not in any way purport to offer any conclusive authority, as the CA Assessor’s Association and the CA Board of Equalization are currently hard at work to formulate and issue guidance and rules interpreting this Proposition.

Tax Season Announcement + 2021 Stimulus Info

Happy New Year!

We will offer in-person and tele-tax contactless tax preparation services this season. We have moved to a convenient location in Folsom:


A second round of stimulus checks/payments is coming

A second round of stimulus checks/payments is coming

Whether you are employed full time or part time, a gig worker, unemployed, or retired, you are likely to receive a second stimulus check or payment.

If You Took PPP Loans, It’s Time to Work on Getting them Forgiven…IT’S NOT AUTOMATIC!

Many business owners cheered as the news came out about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. The money was not distributed perfectly, but for a “rush job” it was still done pretty well. Then, the money went out and we have witnessed the result, in that many businesses that had no customers for weeks and months are reopened and here to serve.


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