A Tax Plan For You!

Will you have enough to retire?


Several reasons why you should use Main Street Tax Advisory of Northern California, LLC . . . .

  • Are you overpaying your CPA or Tax Preparer?
  • Are you 55 yrs. old or older and usually owe taxes?
  • Are you questioning your current preparer’s abilities?
  • You are a small business owner getting the advice you need to stay profitable?
  • Does your tax preparer just show you what you owe without any real advice on how to do better?
  • Would you like to do tax planning BEFORE preparation?
  • Do you have stock statements or K-1`s that come late or get corrected often?
  • Are you over 70 and making charitable donations directly instead of from your IRA tax Free?
  • Has your preparer put you on filing extension . . . when you were ready but they still couldn’t get the work completed on time?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES – contact us today for a FREE tax review!

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